ENTS Booking Program

Ents Booking 2011, the professionals choice
Entertainment Management software
Version 3


Now in it's 15th Year as One of the BEST !

No monthly fees, single one off payment


Ents Booking is a powerfully Entertainment Management and Agency Booking System, this Software can manage all your bookings, create contacts, hold clients information, and much more, with a clear, concise and user friendly interface

Why to choose
Ents Booking?

  1. No monthly fees, single one off payment
  2. You own your data as it's on your computer. With online subscription services they have control of your data, if you stop the subscription, you loss your data
  3. Designed and written by a working entertainer
  4. Built in professional contracts
  5. Simple to use interface to make bookings

This is a booking solution for small to medium sized entertainment agencies, packed full of features to make booking and controlling your artistes easy.

Based on the award winning DJ Booking program, The Ents Booking Software has been designed with the help of the industry for the industry !

Create and track all your Bookings, hold details on your Artists, Acts, Venues, and Clients all just a few clicks away. Click here for more info

ENTS Booking Program
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