ENTS Booking Program



Making a booking couldn't’t be easier, with just a few clicks you are done. You can select a client from your client list or add a new one, select your venue, enter you event details and price and you all done.

It really is as easy as that !!

A few of it’s features

  • Full Client details
  • Venue information including room details and access
  • Automatic or manual contract numbers
  • Contract Tracking
  • Commission Agreement for Artiste
  • Automatic or manual calculation of Agency commissions
  • Automatic Invoice generation for both Client and Artiste
  • Bookings search facility
  • 3 types of contracts built in, or create your own using MS Word
  • Contract and Invoice printing
  • Event feedback forms, gather further info from your client about their event
  • Post event feedback form
  • Full Network support, you can install on multiple systems and configure them across your network so many users can access the system at once (No extra charge unlike some companies)



Your can quote a client using the same interface as the Bookings, send them the quote and if successful, just one click turns the quote into a Booking !!

Entertainment Booking Software Screen Shot
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